Sunday, 2 October 2011

Master Of Business Administration (MBA)..... Wah!!! Mcm Menarik Je....


   Haha!! Tetiba Je Bila Bgn Tido Pagi Td Rasa Mcm Sgt Bersemangat Waja NAk Sambung Master Lepas Habis Degree ni.... Padahal Ada 3 Sem Lagi Baru Grad.... Huahuahhua!! ^^
   Tapi X pe.... Bukan Ke  Planning Awal2 Tu Bagus..... ngeeeeeee~~~~~ InsyaAllah Kalo X De Arah Melintang GUwe Mahu Sambung MBA.... Part Time Or Full Time, Not Sure Yetttt....  ><

If kamu pon berminat mcm saya, kat bawah ni entry requirement and duration For MBA But yg ni at UITM lah... hehehe.... UITM DI HATIKU (^__^)

Entry Requirement
  • Applicants must have a good Bachelor’s degree (Hons) or its equivalent.
  • Other qualifications equivalent to an Honours degree (in a relevant field) with relevant experience in a related field recognised by the UiTM Senate
  • Candidates have to fulfill the following requirement in support of the application:
    • Submit a typewritten Autobiographical Essay of not more than 700 words, using Microsoft Words, on A4 size paper. The details are as follows:
    • Submit reference letters from current or previous employer(s)
    • Be proficient in written and spoken English
    • Attend an interview where an evaluation will be carried out using the case-based approach
  • At least one year of appropriate full-time work experience is desirable
Mode And Duration

This full-time programme is divided into two phases:

Phase 1 (6 months intensive programme)
This programme serves as a foundation for candidates who do not have an undergraduate degree in business or any other related field.

Phase 2 (12 months)

This programme is for those who have successfully completed Phase 1 and for candidates whose first degree is in a business-related discipline.
Full Time
2 - 3 semesters
Part Time 3 - 4 semesters

However,... We plan it.... Allah SWT Decide it....

Tht's All... Bye-bye.... (^__^)



  1. Salam...saya dah apply master MSC (BM770 research)...selepas pergi interview, someone call me mintak prepare another proposal, then dy cakap dalam 2 hari kalu dapat submit proposal tuh, saya akan terima offer letter. Selepas penat lelah bt proposal kali kedua dan tunggu feedback selama 2 bulan...last2 bile telepon ipsis, dy cakap permohonan saya gagal.... boleh nak tnye mngalaman anda x, ada x proses rayuan untuk sambung master? Hehehehehe...kot awak ada pnglmn or pengetauhan pasal ni....