Monday, 14 November 2011

Quotes For Me & For You ^^


Hai Guys,I Juz Wanna Share With You Some Of These Quotes Below Which I Think They Might Be Useful To Boost Our Motivation.... ^^

Bill Gates
1. "If u Cant Make It Good, At Least Make It Look Good"

2. "Life Is Not Fair, Get Used To It"

3."Patience is a Key Element of Success"

4. "If You Think Your Teacher is Tough, Wait Until You Get a Boss. He doesn't Have Tenure"

5. "I Studied Everything But Never Topped, But Today The Toppers Of The Best Universities Are My Employees"

Donald Trump

1."As Long As Your Going To Be Thinking Anyway, Think Big"

2. "I wasn't Satisfied Just To Earn a Good Living. I was Looking To Make a Statement"

3. "If You're Interested In Balancing Work & Pleasure, Stop Trying To Balance Them. Instead Make Your Work More Pleasureable"

4. "Sometimes By Losing a Battle You Find a New Way to Win The War "

5. "Part of Being A Winner is Knowing When Enough is Enough. Sometimes You Have to Give Up The Fight And Walk Away, And Move On To Something That's More Productive"

That's All Kawan2.... Bubye~~~~ ^^