Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Bile Manusia Terlalu Obses Dgn "Logic & Reasoning"....


Tadi Masa Tgh Syok2 Buat Reseach Dgn Pak Cik Google Tiba2 Terjumpa Satu Web Yg Menarik My attention To Read The Article Till The End.... It's About "Malaysian Fun Facts"

Here, I Pick Several Facts That The writer Thinks As Fun Facts But For Me They Are Actually, Facts Tht Quite Sensitive Among Malaysians....

1) Eating pork makes you good at mathematics. That’s why there are so many Chinese accountants.

2) Indian children are full of lice... so stay away from them.

3) Indian people like to drive purple Proton Sagas or Iswaras.

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Later, I found This Writer's Website.... Well I Did Read Some Of His Article And I Think tht He Is SomeOne Yg Ingin Berfikir Bebas dan Mahukan Logik & Reasoning For Everything... SedangKan Kita Tahu Bahawa Allah Itu Maha Luas Ilmu NYa Dan Jika Allah Tidak Mengizinkan Untuk Kita Mengetahui Sesuatu Ilmu Itu Maka Fikir Lah Semana Hebat Dan Semana Logik Pon Kita  Tidak Akan Dapat Capai Dgn Akal Kita Yg Pendek Lagi Terbatas Ini....

"Tidaklah mereka meliputi ilmunya sedikit jua kecuali yang dikehendakki Nya" Petikan Terjemahan Ayat Kursi...

Malah, From what I Observe... Writer Juga Mengguna Kan Surah2 Untuk Mengukuhkan Lagi His Opinion...

Di Bawah Adalah Antara Petikan Yg Saya Ambil Dr Article En Writer Tu... Dan To All Of You... Do Read & Think Wisely....

1) "Christina, by definition, means “follower of Christ.” Hmm… that does sound very Christian now, doesn’t it?
But think about it. Is being a follower of Jesus really that bad? Jesus is one of the prophets that Islam requires us to believe in."
In fact, Surah Al Imran in the Quran states:
“Behold when Allah said, “O Jesus, indeed I will take you and raise you to Myself and purify you from those who disbelieve and make those who follow you [in submission to Allah alone] superior to those who disbelieve until the Day of Resurrection.”

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2)"I can’t accept that because it basically means that if you were to believe in Islam, it meant that you had to just accept things as is for no reason but because God says so."

I truly believe that Islam is a religion that promotes and encourages reason as the Quran has stated in Surah Al Jathiyah.
“And in the succession of night and day, and in the means of subsistence which God sends down from the skies, giving life thereby to the earth after it had been lifeless, and in the change of the winds: in all this there are messages for people who use their reason.”

3) "When I believe in something, I need it to have a definite answer and reason rather than just have blind faith and throw myself into it hoping for a positive outcome."

4) "How logical is it to declare the harmless poco-poco dance haram just because the movements are similar to a dance by Jamaicans who were Christians a long time ago?"

5) "What kind of rational thought is being used when yoga, as a form of exercise, is pronounced as haram because it has its roots in Hindu culture?"

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Is This What Is Called Liberal Thinking??? Hmmm... Anyway Liberal Means "Bebas, Bukan Hamba" So A Liberal Thinker Adalah Seorang Yg Mengamal Konsep Bebas Berfikir....

Tapi Perlu Sgt Ke Berfikiran Bebas Ni... And Not Everything Can Be Explain By Logic & Reasoning Right?? ... Maka Sebab Itu lah Kita Ini Di Suruh untuk Beriman Dan Percaya Dgn Perkara2 Yg Ghaib Yg X Dpt Di Capai Oleh Akal Kita Ni...

Itu Saja Lah... Yg BAik Tu Kita Kan Teladan yg Buruk Tu Kita Jadi Kan Sempadan... الله أعلم بالصواب
Bye... (^__^)